Investigative Software

SocioSpyder gathers open source information from many popular social media platforms, while minimizing the footprint left by investigative teams.

With SocioSpyder an analyst is able to:

  • Download and retain social media content on-demand or autonomously.
  • Apply annotations and visualizations to stored data, then share with investigative teams.
  • Save as you see on screen or export in a variety of formats for use in other systems.

SocioSpyder is offered as a Desktop or Enterprise offering to meet client requirements and scale.

Desktop application

SocioSpyder Desktop Edition provides a single analyst or small investigative team a flexible OSINT collection solution.

  • Minimal infrastructure required. Run from any PC that has internet access.
  • Natural front end for OSINT investigative process, enabling discovery, target, triage, and analysis of data.
  • Export, analyze, and enrich data through manual integration with wider systems.

Enterprise solution

SocioSpyder Enterprise Edition offers a scalable OSINT solution to large investigative teams.

  • Centrally manage activities to reduce duplicated collection and concurrent account use.
  • Securely host your own data, with role based access and logging, and no storage at endpoint PCs.
  • Export, analyze, and enrich data through automatic integration with wider systems.